Terms and Conditions


1. Your application should be completed on our on-line application form.

2. Upon acceptance of the course, you will be asked to place a non- refundable 500 euros deposit.

3. As part of our pre-screening process, applicants are requested to submit an account of their personal history and background as well as their motives for joining the course and future aspirations.

4. If for any reason, you wish to subsequently cancel your place on a course after your partial or full fees(deposit + balance have been paid, The Language House cannot provide any refund. Participants registering less than five working days before a given course start date will be charged and added fee of 150 euros. The director's decision is final. While the deposit is non- refundable, it may be applied to a future course date if that course date and location is available. The reason for this is staffing, accommodations and materials have fixed costs which must be paid in advance and is based on a specific number of course participants. The center cannot guarantee to replace participants who drop out. While the deposit can always be used for a later course date, it cannot be transferred towards other services such as advanced courses ie. Teaching Business English. If you withdraw from the initial course date chosen, you lose any discounts associated to that sign-up date.

5. The balance of the course fees must be paid by the morning of the first day of the course by credit card, bank transfer, or cash in local currency. All payments are final. The added fees for using a financial institution for sending money (Western Union, Paypal or bank transfer) are the responsibility of the client.

6. The Language House is not responsible for arranging visas in anyway nor does it act as a visa authority. The Language House cannot issue any sort of paperwork for entering EU territory. The Language House solely offers free advice based on past experiences with former trainees and cannot be held responsible for any advice concerning visas as immigration laws in each country change.

7. The Language House offers free housing assistance to course participants during the course. This assistance is a courtesy only. While we always aim to find comfortable and affordable housing for our clients, The Language House does not take payment for this service and therefore cannot be held responsible for sudden rate increases, price changes, services promised, quality of services given by the housing provider or any other complaints related to housing.

8. The Language House does not guarantee jobs in any definition. The course fees paid cover only the course and course materials. The job assistance provided is a free courtesy that while, we are happy to provide, is not included in the course fees and therefore The Language House cannot be held responsible for possible failure in securing a job upon completion of the program.

9. The course is based on satisfactory completion of all the course assessments, including teacher practice within the four weeks. If for any reason you do not complete these in a satisfactory manner within the four week period, its possible to extend or make up work at a later date but at an additional cost to the trainee. Each added teacher practice session is 35 euros. Each piece of written work is 20 euros. If you withdraw from the program, at any point, and/or moderation of your current course and wish to do the course and/moderation at a later date, there will be an added 500 euros. If you have not completed the course within 6 months time of the withdraw date, the balance fees must be paid again.

10. While everything possible is done to prevent it, there are times when a course must be cancelled due to lack of enrollments. If for some reason a course date is cancelled, participants will be given the option of attending another course date or location as well as they may request a refund.

11. The course fees cover the delivery and materials of the 4 week program. The Language House TEFL Certificate course is a graded course. Upon completion of the 4 week program, certificates will be issued on the final day of the course only to those who have successfully passed all components of the course.

12. All course participants are liable to the disciplinary regulations of the center. The Course Director's decision is final.