The Language House Testimonials Spring 2019

This course was really intense with hard work but a really great experience. To discover my own language and explore all the ways I can make it fun and interesting to learn. Having a small class has made it very helpful to see each others progress and help each other. It’s been really good to get a lot of teacher practice and observe each other’s classes as well as give and receive feedback. Thank you Gyl!


The course was a bit stressful since it required a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun getting teacher practice and good feedback. A very good challenge and definitely worth it in the end! Good, clean environment with kind positive people.


I found the experience fascinating, intense and fun. I was warned that it would be intense so I was expecting it but I didn’t anticipate how much joy I’d get out of it. I really bonded with the other TEFL students, my teacher and the ladies we taught English. This made the intense and challenging parts all the more easy.

I was really fascinated with the learning process- from the grammar of my own language which I’d always questioned but also learning about people- how people learn, respond to questions and topics and how as a teacher I need to adapt to this.


The teachers were very kind and the atmosphere was good. I think writing the journal and case study was rather long but it helped me make progress in writing and analyzing how I could improve my way of teaching.


Fantastic Course! Fantastic Teachers! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


All round an awesome experience. The group size was perfect and allowed us to create a good dynamic. The course materials were very useful. It was fairly intense with a lot of material to cove and was delivered with humor and professionalism.