The Language House Summer Testimonials 2019

I learned so much during my four weeks at The language House Montpellier. I have confidence now to teach English and really feel like I have the tools now to succeed in this profession.


I have enjoyed the international training, working with young international trainees and a true leader who shared so much of herself. This has been a great experience as well teaching my first English classes to wonderful ladies.


I have learned a lot about grammar, phonology and lesson planning. I really enjoyed the course. Gyl was very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. Everything was taught clearly and was built upon previous knowledge taught.


The course was stimulating, insightful and I know it will be very useful. I had read comments saying the work is quite intensive but in my opinion it’s a good level of workload. Homework wasn’t too stressful and we had a lot of fun while learning. The four weeks passes so quickly. I highly recommend this course!